Move to 6 servings (2 400kcal) pouches

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We told you in our newsletter of May 15th, and you may have already seen it on the first references: we are switching our pouches from 10 servings (4 000kcal) to 6 servings (2 400kcal). You will see all references move to this format in the next weeks.


  1. Smaller quantity to facilitate the purchase of several formulas
    Many customers wishing to buy several formulas (and in pouches) expressed discomfort about the total quantity of their order.
    Ex: for 4 pouches of 10 servings … it is therefore 40 servings, “simply” to have 4 formulas.

  2. Storage: open sachets for a shorter period of time
    Depending on your consumption of Vitaline, opened sachets deteriorate, especially if they are not stored very well in a cool and dry place: they get oxidised. With smaller pouches, mechanically they are consumed more quickly!

  3. Convenience: lighter, smaller
    These 10-servings pouches are heavy for travel, again, especially for those who want to bring with them multiple formulas.

What impact for you?
More accessible, easier to store, more convenient… And this, for the same price per serving!.. what wouldn’t we do for you :cowboy_hat_face::v:!

In particular, we are able to contain production costs, because despite a little more packaging cost, the larger volumes brings more efficient production series… et voila!

And the environment?
For transparency, if only one point made us hesitate, it is the environmental aspect: smaller packaging = more waste. We have nevertheless decided to move forward in this direction because our pouches are recyclable and are a type of waste that already has very little impact.

Also, we judged that it would have been disproportionate and ill-considered to give up, because more generally: advancing Vitaline brings progress on the environmental level more broadly (carbon footprint, waste, Vegetarian…). And so if this helps Vitaline advance, we advance the environmental cause, even if indeed, we cannot always do it without compromise.

Glad to discuss it!